One of the greatest complaints we have heard from gym owners around the world is that they have spent years sacrificing weekends and more importantly, sacrificing holidays with their families in order to run their business.

#HybridAF has given that time back to the gym owners that we partner with.

Gym owners have always been stretched thin and 2020 has not pulled any punches. Prior to becoming a member of #HybridAF many gym owners had never taken time off during the holiday season and rarely throughout the year. Ask yourself, when was the last time you had the opportunity to spend a holiday with your family and not be interrupted by a class or an open gym schedule?

Husband and wife team Phillip and Holly Tabor are owners of CrossFit Coordinate in Cary NC and are all too familiar with that life.

“Before #HybridAF we would offer open gym hours on Sundays, Turkey Day WODs, and be open most major holidays. We felt obligated to do this! In 2017 we took the plunge and began to offer 24/7 with #HybriadAF. Since then we have been able to securely open our gym to our members by using the #HybridAF app while we were able to enjoy time with our family during some weekends and all holidays. Best of all we have been able to reduce costs by not having to staff the open gym hours. But most importantly our members love the flexibility of 24/7 access!” Philip loved the solution so much he joined the Hybrid team in 2018 and is now our VP of Business Development and Sales.