Access Through Smart Phone

Fcailikey has created a platform that provides digital access to facilities. Our application allows business owners the peace of mind when controlling who and when their employees have access.

  • Access History provided
  • Give temporary access to doors for vendors or deliveries
  • No More Keys Cards and Hassle of Relacement
  • Covid Policies Built in to APP. Allowing employees to sign off each time they enter facility
  • No more changing locks when employees leave.
  • Allow doors to remain locked during certain periods of the day, and open on a timing schedule when needed.  
  • An emergency call button for your members (no need for a lanyard or dedicated 911 device)
  • Alerts to you when people access the facility, register, request access and more
  • Easy installation of the system with our bonded install teams (you don’t have to track down multiple third parties and permits)
  • Frequent updates and advancements based on facility owner feedback and needs

Our process is simple. Stop wasting your time searching for the right equipment, finding supporting software vendors, securing a contractor for installation and adding the additional supporting fees and still not being able to add the value that Facilikey can for you and your business.

Facilikey is your one stop shop for a access control system and video security. Don’t waste your time, let us give that back to you so you can focus on what is important to you.

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