Check out this awesome article written by Morning Chalk Up about how we are helping gyms around the world maintain social distancing in a safe and effective way! Let us help you get your members back into classes or times that fit their schedule and level of comfort.

With social distancing and class size limits the name of the game right now, more and more CrossFit affiliates and functional fitness gyms have turned to HybridAF, a company that works with the insurance provider Affiliate Guard to install access systems to provide 24-hour access to members, seven days a week.

  • In April, we reported 105 CrossFit affiliates were registered with Hybrid AF. Today, 127 CrossFit affiliates and 52 functional fitness gyms are taking advantage of HybridAF’s 24-hour member access, said Albert Steed, the president of the company.

David Rubin, the owner of Courage Fitness Durham in NC is one of these gyms. He has been a HybridAF member for almost three years and says “it’s the best decision we have ever made in our 12 years of business.” This is especially true in the face of the worldwide pandemic, he explained.

  • “Our members have always taken advantage of it, but during COVID, it has given us an added advantage of giving our members a way to feel as comfortable as possible to get their workouts in…It really puts the gym in a great position to serve people in the safest way possible,” Rubin said.

One big thing: Gym owners say 24/7 member access is helping those who are fearful of being in a group continue to workout.

  • Some members are using the 24-hour option because they want to limit their gym exposure to the quieter times, Rubin explained. It helps them “feel a little more private and separate from larger groups,” he added.
  • Other gym owners are using their 24/7 access option to help control who comes in the gym when, Steed said. “For example, they’re opening registration at certain times for people who might live with someone who is vulnerable, and during those times they might limit it to just three or four people in the gym, so it’s really helping a lot of people right now,” he explained.