From cleaners to band rehearsals to small group meetings among church leaders, Lee Chatham, the Executive Pastor of Soul Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, had a problem. A key problem.

In short, he needed to find a way to provide safe access to the church to the different people and groups who needed it  “without the headache of keeping track of keys,” Chatham explained.

Then Chatham came across FaciliKey—the digital door key—which quickly proved to be “an easy choice because it gave us the flexibility,” Chatham explained, all the while providing seamless access through an easy-to-use app to those who needed to get in and out of the building.

  • “The FaciliKey app allows those who need access to our building at different times to be able to unlock the door from their own device,” Chatham explained.

A little more detail: Facilikey provides digital access and security solutions for small businesses—from churches to gyms to Pilates studios—allowing the business owner to say goodbye to clunky keys or universal passcodes in favor of a more safe and secure system that ultimately gives the business owner back their control, not to mention peace of mind knowing exactly who is in their facility at any given time.

  • This peace of mind is important, Chatham explained, as it has solved their problem of not knowing exactly who with a key might be in the church at any given time. “We know who and when anyone has access to our facility,” he said.
  • This is made possible through a FaciliKey feature that allows you to limit a person or group’s access to a specific day or time. “We’re able to set it up so that our cleaning contractor has access when they need to get in…our band has access on Thursdays for rehearsal, and our small group leaders who meet during the week have access according to when their group meets,” Chatham explained.

Further, FaciliKey has freed up the church staff from having to deal with the logistics of passing around keys and monitoring who is in the facility, removing the “countless hours tracking who is in the building when passing off keys or having to be present to open the building,” Chatham said.

  • “It has removed any potential issues as far as being available to make sure the building was unlocked for different events,” he added.

Chatham said he would recommend FaciliKey to any business in a similar position, be it a church, a personal training gym or a Pilates studio, “because it removes the logistical challenges that come with having lost of people who need access to a building last varying times and days,” he said.


And when it comes to execution, it “works flawlessly,” he said.